Resources for contractors and energy-efficient equipment installers

SRP Energy Efficiency Alliance participants partner with SRP to install energy efficiency upgrades in businesses across SRP's service territory. Financial incentives of up to 5% of the total rebate are available to alliance participants installing non-lighting projects.

Whether you're new to the process, or a veteran installer, you'll find the materials you need to explain rebate programs to the customers and initiate the rebate process.

View the Energy Efficiency Alliance Participant Manual .


Become an Alliance participant

New to the process and want to become an SRP Energy Efficiency Alliance participant? Joining is easy. Just download the application and apply now.

Incentives of up to 5% of the total rebate amount are available for certain non-lighting projects.

Any contractor or installer can contact the program administrator directly to get questions answered:

Partner training testimonials
We welcome our Energy Efficiency Alliance participants to attend two of our one-day courses on energy efficiency mathematics and sales best practices. Here's what our partners have to say about the training:

"The class was organized very well, in an orderly progression ... I got the most out the script design and flow, the dealing with stall tactics, the pitch and how to leave a powerful and effective voicemail message."

"Please keep having these classes — they are very helpful. I want to thank you for doing this one. It has already helped me with my cold calling!"

"Every piece of this class was valuable to me. I would literally have to go through my notes and dig to try to find what was the "least valuable" information that we learned that day."