Construction energy efficiency rebates

Get up to $300,000 in SRP rebates when you build energy efficiency into your construction projects.

Why build with energy efficiency in mind?

As expectations of building owners and tenants move toward sustainability, it's imperative that construction companies create buildings that are energy efficient.

To help your business stay ahead of these trends — and your competition — SRP offers rebates that can drastically cut the costs for installing energy efficient equipment. We also offer complimentary training, events and audits to help your business be leaner and greener.

Most popular construction energy efficient upgrades:

  • LED lighting and controls
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Variable frequency drive fans, compressors and pumps
  • Compressed air
  • Insulation
  • Economizers
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Reflective roof coating


Tell us about your project and we'll find the rebates to help you save the most.

Benefits of building green

  • Higher asset values
  • Better attraction of building owners and tenants
  • Reduced building maintenance costs
  • Reputation as an environmentally-conscious builder

Let us help you save

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