Grocery and retail energy efficiency rebates

Cut your energy costs and pocket up to $300,000 in SRP rebates when you upgrade your grocery, supermarket or retail store to energy efficient equipment.

Why energy efficiency?

With an average net-profit margin hovering around 3%, grocery stores and similar retail businesses know the importance of bottom-line impact. Even minor adjustments to expenses can have significant impact on profits.

SRP offers rebates, store audits, complimentary events, training and more to help your business become more energy efficient and save.

Most popular grocery and retail energy efficient upgrades:

  • Efficient LED lighting
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Refrigeration compressors, controls, seals, motors, pipe insulation
  • Unitary air conditioners, VFDs, air economizers, chillers
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Smart thermostats
  • Reflective rooftop coating
  • Controls for beverage/snack machines, reach-in coolers and more


In addition to lower energy bills, other benefits include improved customer comfort, reduced spoilage, increased employee satisfaction and productivity and more. Plus, being more environmentally friendly can help you set your store apart from the competition.

Energy saving tips for retail stores

  • Measure and track energy usage over time.
  • Develop a maintenance program to help identify and address equipment issues before they become potential energy-wasters.
  • Install occupancy sensors in less frequently used rooms and walk-ins.
  • Change air filters at least once per month.
  • Utilize windows, skylights and natural daylight where applicable to help reduce lighting costs.

See how your usage stacks up

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