SRP Multifamily Solutions

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rebate processing and distribution may be delayed.

The SRP Multifamily Solutions Program is designed to help multifamily communities become more energy efficient. SRP is now offering eligible income-qualified multifamily communities FREE Energy Savings Kits for their residents.*

To get started or learn more, call (602) 236-3065, email or contact your Strategic Energy Manager.

Install new energy-saving devices for free.

Each Energy Savings Kit includes:

  • Four ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs
  • One LED night light
  • Tips to help residents lower their energy use and costs

How to order your free Energy Savings Kits:

  • Apply online at and we will ship the kits directly to the property for you to distribute to residents.
    Note: We are packaging the kits in bags to hang on residents' doors, providing contactless delivery.

To participate in the program, you must:

  • Be a current SRP electric customer
  • Own or manage an income-qualified multifamily property
  • Complete an online application at

FAQ for SRP Multifamily Solutions

Yes, any community that receives the Energy Savings Kits is still eligible to participate in the Direct Install or Prescriptive Program in the future.

Unfortunately, no. Until May 2021, the Energy Savings Kits will only be available to income-qualified properties within the SRP service territory.

If you inquired about the program or were contacted by SRP, your community was placed on a waitlist. Once the full Multifamily Solutions Program is launched, we will contact you and we can proceed with the Direct Install/Common Area Prescriptive Program offerings as planned. In the meantime, we will keep you informed of any program updates or changes.

As of right now, both offerings are tentatively scheduled to launch in May 2021.

Multifamily Solutions Program Contact Form

Have questions? Call us at (602) 236-3065 or email