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The SRP New Construction Solutions Program uses integrated energy design principles to help construction project teams create comfortable, sustainable and cost-effective buildings.

The program brings together key stakeholders (such as building architects, engineers and building owners) early on, during the design stage of a project. Together, with help from SRP, teams explore how to incorporate energy efficiencies that lower operating costs.

By considering energy demand during the design stage, a comprehensive set of strategies can be considered, spanning lighting design and advanced lighting controls, HVAC mechanical and electric hot water systems, building envelope design, fenestration, and enhanced controls and systems integration.

This approach has many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Life-cycle energy savings drive a higher return on investment for owner-builders.
  • Property managers can pass utility costs savings on to tenants through lower lease rates.
  • Workers also benefit from comfortable, attractive and energy-efficient work spaces. In addition to lower overhead costs, businesses are likely to have happier, more productive employees.


The program offers services and equipment rebates that are available through two participation tracks: 

Enhanced performance

EDA service rebates are offered based on the energy savings achieved through the efficiency measures identified in the design phase. Rebates are available at $0.08/kWh of verified savings up to $50,000, paid directly to members of the EDA service providing team.

Design team service rebates are available to offset a portion of the cost of involving key project team members. The design team may include the building owner, architect, general contractor, and HVAC and lighting & controls engineers. Rebates are available between $8,000 and $12,000 based on building size.

Rebates are available to building owners to help offset the incremental costs of implementing certain energy efficiency measures. Rebates will be paid at $0.10 per kilowatt-hour savings plus $100 per average peak kW for the first year of electrical energy and demand savings, respectively, and issued in two phases:

  1. a partial payment, payable once construction has started
  2. a final payment, payable once an as-built energy model and energy analysis report have been submitted and approved by SRP


This track is for projects on an accelerated design schedule. Under this track, only Building Owner Equipment Rebates are available.

 Building owner equipment rebates are available at $0.10 per kilowatt-hour savings plus $100 per average peak kW for the first year of electrical energy and demand savings, respectively. To qualify, an energy model of the “as-built” building must be submitted along with an energy analysis report detailing the project’s savings.


To participate in the program, your project must:

  • Be a new commercial, industrial or multi-family construction project in the early stages of design
  • Involve a professional design team and established energy efficiency goals
  • Include at least 20,000 ft2 of conditioned floor space
  • Exceed the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard 90.1 2013 by 10% or more
  • Be located in SRP service territory and enrolled in a qualified price plan

How to participate

  1. Contact our New Construction administrator, Humayun Kabir, at (480) 768-3905 or email
  2. Submit a completed project applicationDocument is a PDF during design development phase. Refer to the program manualDocument is a PDF for more information.
  3. Enhanced performance track only:
    • Hold three milestone meetings during the design process.
    • Submit a Customer Measure Selection form along with completed construction documents (100% CD) for review. 
  4. After construction, complete the required commissioning activities.
  5. Submit an “as-built” energy model and an energy analysis report documenting the project’s savings.

Disclaimer: Rebates issued through the New Construction Solutions Program are capped at $300,000. Customers are also subject to an overall rebate cap of $300,000 per customer for all SRP Business Solutions offerings per program year – May 1 through April 30. SRP reserves the right to determine which year a rebate is credited to. Please note: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there could be delays in the processing and/or distribution of rebates.

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