SRP lighting rebates for small businesses

Cut energy costs with discounted LEDs, lighting sensors and more.

Inefficient lighting can account for up to 40% of your total electric costs. SRP makes it easy and affordable for small businesses to upgrade to energy-efficient equipment. Customers who upgrade cut their business lighting electric costs an average of 35%.

What can my business get rebates for?

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Last Updated: Aug. 12, 2019

Qualifying businesses can receive a no-cost lighting assessment ($125 value) and discounts that cover up to 75% or more of the costs for new energy-efficient equipment, including:

  • LED fixtures and lamps must be ENERGY STAR® or DesignLight™ Consortium approved.
  • LED exit signs
  • Wall, ceiling-mounted and integrated occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors and daylighting controls.

The greatest savings are achieved in facilities:

  • That have equipment that operates for extended periods.
  • With noisy or heat-emitting lights or fluorescent tubes greater than an inch in diameter.

Investments are often recouped in less than one year. Need more information? See a full list of eligible expenses in the program manual Document is a PDF.

Do I qualify?

If you're on the E-32, E-34, E-36, E-47 or E-48 price plans and use less than 145,000 kilowatt-hours a year across all accounts, you're eligible. And if your facility:

  • Was built prior to 2013 or originally built for a different end use.
  • Hasn't had a lighting system upgrade within the past four years.

If you do not meet these criteria, you may still qualify for lighting rebates through SRP's standard rebate program.

How to get the rebate

Ready to improve your business and lock in your rebate? You're just a few simple steps away:

  1. If you have questions, call us at (602) 236-3054 or email us at
  2. Submit a completed rebate application Document is a PDF.
  3. A Small Business Solutions Alliance contractor will contact approved customers to schedule an audit of the facility's lighting system.
  4. Review the no-cost assessment results, which will identify your discounted price and estimated savings.
  5. Contract with the Small Business Solutions Alliance contractor for the purchase and installation of qualified lighting equipment at the discounted price.

Small Business Alliance contractors

DECA Southwest (602) 437-2700
Ecotec, LLC (888) 612-8533
Energy Efficiency Pros (844) 440-3377
HESCO Electric (910) 381-5763
Inline Electrical Resources (602) 275-5245
PLG, LLC (480) 218-6104
Redline Electric & Solar, LLC (480) 430-1939

Red Mountain Lighting (480) 458-7272
Stone Kat Development (623) 930-6765
The Signery, Inc (602) 265-9597  
US Energy Recovery (480) 662-4162
US Retrofits (760) 525-8971

Request a business lighting assessment ($125 value)

Qualifying customers will receive our assessment and rebate next steps. You'll also receive a digital copy of our Business Energy Savings Guide.

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