SRP energy efficiency technical assessment

Let SRP help you identify potential savings with a technical assessment

Businesses that meet one of these criteria below qualify for a complimentary assessment (up to $20,000) if suggested improvements are made:

  • Have a compressed-air system of at least 100 horsepower (excluding backup).
  • Have a compressed-air system leak between 25-100 horsepower.
  • Have a pumping system for non-HVAC applications (municipal, agricultural or industrial) of at least 25 horsepower (excluding backup).
  • Data centers greater than 1,000 square feet with dedicated HVAC equipment.

A Qualified Service Provider (QSP) will conduct a preliminary assessment to identify cost-effective opportunities for energy savings and determine which projects will have the greatest possible return on investment. The best options will be further evaluated during the technical assessment.

How much is the service rebate?

Rebates are paid directly to the QSP on your behalf:

  • Up to $500 per pump assessment.
  • Up to $15 per horsepower for compressed-air leak test assessment.
  • Up to $3,000 for a preliminary assessment.
  • 50% of the technical assessment cost, up to $10,000.
  • Remaining 50% of the technical assessment cost (additional $10,000) if suggested improvements are made.

Get an assessment

Ready to apply for an assessment? Follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit a preliminary assessment application This is an Excel document.
  2. Receive written approval and select a QSP. The QSP will conduct the preliminary assessment and issue a report for you to review with SRP.
  3. Complete and submit a technical assessment application This is an Excel document.
  4. Upon written approval from SRP, the QSP will conduct the technical assessment.
  5. Repair 50% of the compressed-air system leaks (if applicable).
  6. Once you've completed the assessment, you'll use rebates through the Custom Business Solutions program to make the suggested changes.