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Changing Hands Bookstore
Changing Hands Bookstore | 40 years of entrepreneurship

Changing Hands has been Arizona's independent bookstore for independent minds since 1974. Its CFO, Bob Sommer, shares his success story on adapting to changes, overcoming the economic downturn and investing in employees.

Success story: Lorelei Boutique owner, Julie Tenney, offers business advice to local retailers

"I credit the success of my business to providing personal service and offering special pieces my customers won't find everywhere. I strive to get to know them and their style preferences and help them look and feel good, as well as have great conversations about their life stories, families, etc. Oftentimes it's more than the product you offer. It's the experience you deliver to the customer that sets you apart." – Julie Tenney, Owner of Lorelei Boutique

KRUE Industrial success story: Mike Obbema on the power of partnerships

"Starting a business in the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) industry, the single biggest challenge we faced was changing customers' views about how MRO can be performed. We've learned that our business model is sound and that once put into practice, our customers quickly become our best salespeople ... We build and maintain partnerships with the people who build and maintain everything else." – Mike Obbema, President of KRUE Industrial

Success story: BC Logistics on entrepreneurship, planning and strategy

"While working as an agent for a large freight forwarder, I saw the opportunity to improve supply chain loss-prevention procedures for a client. However, I was confronted with corporate restraints and red tape that were difficult for me to accept. That experience made me realize I wanted to be free to innovate, customize and be proactive." – Vicki Boisjolie, President of BC Logistics

"Be empathetic to your clients and business partners" - Egnite success story

Egnite is a leading professional placement agency for careers in the IT, engineering, healthcare and executive management fields. See lessons learned from its vice president, Alex Luevano.

Local First Arizona: Empowering local businesses

"When I started Local First Arizona (LFA), I wanted to be a voice for independent business owners like myself who were struggling to compete because we didn't have a level playing field ... Today we have the largest business coalition in the country. We are trying to move the needle on really important issues for our state and working to create new economic models that are more inclusive and resilient so that all of Arizona can thrive." – Kimber Lanning, Founder

Serving others will help you succeed

"The Dhaba Restaurant is part of an Indian cultural center that evolved 15 years ago. There was a strategic desire to build something that would be multicultural even though our location was not the most ideal at the time ... My goal with the Dhaba was to create a culture of community because it's important to give yourself to people. Serving others will help you succeed in life." – Raveen Arora, Owner

Nonprofit success story - Sunshine Acres Children's Home

"I think what's made Sunshine Acres successful is our transparency. Our financials are audited every year and we make them available to the public. Less than 6% of our annual budget goes toward administrative costs. If we can keep our costs low, we can use those funds to care for more kids." – Kevin Humphrey, Executive Director

Fortis Networks on raising capital and adapting to challenges

"As a general contractor that provides solutions in construction, engineering and technology services, we are often approached by agencies and businesses that need our help. By creating the right team and forming partnerships with other businesses, we have accomplished extraordinary projects." – Clarence McAllister, Owner

General contracting survival advice from FCI Constructors, Inc.

"As a business owner, you have to understand the ramifications of the decisions you make — they can make or break your company. If you understand the risks and you measure them carefully, you can make the decisions that will help your business succeed." – Marvin Nez, Controlling Manager


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