Cut energy costs at your restaurant

Is your restaurant wasting energy? Boost your bottom line with energy-efficiency tips and equipment rebates.

3 easy ways to cut energy costs

  1. Revamp lighting: Upgrading to LEDs can cut up to 40% off your restaurant's lighting bill. Adding sensors, timers and more can often double the savings.
  2. Upgrade refrigeration: Many walk-in coolers use fans that run more than they need to. Inexpensive walk-in cooler controllers can fix this and save you money.
  3. Flip the switch: Save hundreds each year by turning off equipment when not in use, including backup fryers, idle broilers, dishwashers and lighting in storage areas.

Energy savings guide for business

Download our energy guide Document is a PDF for more no-cost and low-cost ways to save. After all, the bottom line of growing your business is to make every dollar count!

Pocket up to $300,000 in energy-efficiency rebates

Your restaurant may qualify for rebates on:

  • Interior and exterior LED lighting and controls.
  • Kitchen exhaust fans.
  • Refrigeration insulation and much more.

Funding won't last long. Contact SRP today.